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  • 12 stycznia 2023
  • by cannalabhv

    Why accreditation is important for your cannabis ?

    The cannabis market is relatively new and fresh, especially when compared to markets like the ones of food and pharmaceuticals. This unfortunately means that quality and safety assessments aren’t up to the same standards as other markets which had their analysis methods refined and agreed upon over the many years.

    This issue is amplified in the US where the methods used for analysis or what is considered harmful in cannabis is decided individually by every state, so a analysis technique might be acceptable in one state while banned in another.

    This all means that in the end, the customers suffer to incorrectly labelled or even harmful products meanwhile the development of new methods or refining existing ones is heavily slowed due to no agreed upon standards and no interest from individual states to spend time and money to bring together an agreed upon standard and baseline for what is the correct way to perform laboratory tests on cannabis.

    An example of this is the size of a batch represented by a single sample provided to a laboratory. This allows for suppliers to cherry pick a sample high in THC content and use it to label a large batch which can result in mislabelled products.

    Luckily we have the International Organization for Standardization ( ISO )  with the goal of creating a quality agreed upon and international standard for laboratories and other facilities allowing them to perform credible and reliable assessments and ensure quality for customers who use the services of these ISO-accredited laboratories.

    We also have the International Electrotechnical Commission ( IEC ) with a similar goal to create  standards, but in their case for all electrical, electronic and related technologies.

    Both ISO and IEC have collaborated together to create standards like ISO 17025 which was designed to create a standard for laboratories which allows to reliably and credibly asses cannabis regardless of varying state requirements. 

    On top of this, to even become an ISO-accredited laboratory, you must be able comply with many strict regulations and uphold safeguard procedures that ensure that the results aren’t tampered with and can be trusted.


    Speaking of strict regulations and always valid results, here are a few things about our Ekotechlab which make us stand out:

    • We are an accredited laboratory ( nr AB1755 ) by the Polish accreditation centre in regards to cannabis oils and dry cannabis products
    • We provide fast results of up to 5 working days or 40 hours when using our express feature.
    • Affordable price
    • High grade and up to date laboratory apparatus which we use to perform analysis like HPLC, UHPLC, GC-FID, LC MSxMS, ICP and GC-MS where specific methods can be requested by the client
    • We are experienced with 10 years on the market and thousands of performed analyses
    • We have a permit by the Main Pharmaceutical Inspectorate for the analysis of narcotics
    • We perform analysis for the Police, court and prosecutor’s office
    • We give advice in case of confiscation of product by the police
    • We are independent ( we don’t produce or trade cannabis products )
    • We guarantee confidentiality of your results