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  • 9 września 2022
  • by cannalabhv

    HHC and HHC-O analysis 

     Feel free to start testing your HHC samples in Cannalabs.pl. Two new, very popular cannabinoids HHC and HHC-O you will find in flos, vape, jelly beans. These two substances are very popular in the US, while their market in Europe
    is starting to grow and therefore everyone wants to offer the highest quality of their products.

     What is HHC  ?


    9R-HHC — (6aR,9R,10aR) Hexahydrocannabinol — or

    9S-HHC –(6aR,9S,10aR)Hexahydrocannabinol– 

    is a cannabinoid, hydrogenated derivative of tetrahydrocannabinol. That one can be produced synthetically by hydrogenation of cannabis extracts. Like THC, HHC gives many people a pleasant relaxing feeling when they take it.

    What is HHC-O  ?

    Is a very new cannabinoid to hit the cannabis market. HHC-O is the acetate form of HHC. The reason why delta-9 THC and HHC, HHC-O act very similarly. What this means is that the cannabinoids work with the same receptors in the nervous system. Making HHC-O boosts the potency by increasing that absorption rate.

    Our laboratory is responsible to ensure products are safe and free from harmful residual compounds. In order to do that, Cannalabs offers full spectrum of analysis:

            Cannabinoids profile including HHC and HHC-O

           Terpenes profile

           Residual solvents

           Heavy metals